Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Surprise

We are having a wonderful Christmas season. I can't seem to find time for blogging. Either there isn't anything too exciting, or its so exciting I can't get away...

We just want to share the good news that came in our Christmas Eve mail. We got Eli's Certificate of US citizenship!!!! We've been waiting a while, and kinda forgot about it (USCIS is not the most efficient government office, or is "efficient government office" an oxymoron?) Anyway, its a beautiful piece of paper declaring him a US citizen. In theory Eli became a US citizen when he landed here, but now we have documentation. And now we can get a birth certificate and social security number. Maybe the end of paperwork is in sight!?!

We can't wait to give the kids their gifts, but by far sharing Jesus birthday with our three children is our best gift this year. Merry Christmas!

Also, welcome home to two more Ethiopian Hoosiers, who have lived in the same home Eli was in. You can see Addi and Zek on their blogs.