Tuesday, June 22, 2010

VBS in review

Our VBS is history now, but as usual it had a lasting impact. Teaching the 4 and 5 year olds is so fun. They believe everything you say, and you never know what they are going to say:) Cora was in my class this year (she's almost 4). And Sam has moved out of my class, which seems unreal.

Some of my favorite moments included when a little boy said, "God gave us church so we can learn about Jesus." This child's parents have reportedly been rude to his aunt and uncle, members of our church, about church attendance. Praise the Lord that they sent him to VBS, where he seemed to love church.

It was also a great blessing to have a little girl with special needs in our class. She is moderately mentally handicapped, and on top of that she is in foster care. Her wonderful foster parents are hoping to adopt her, but its a long road ahead. This sweety got little from the stories we told or the games we played, but the smile on her face said she knows God's love and joy. Seeing her sway and clap to the music of "Jesus Love is Sweet and Wonderful" reminded me that in heaven she will be made whole, and will Praise the Lord for the way he made her.

Of course, it always fun (and exhausting) to drive home with my kids. We sang the songs, and are still singing them. Each filled with Bible truths, being etched on their hearts.

Three kids got baptized at church Sunday. How exciting to see young people profess that Jesus is their Lord. In the middle of the baptisms, Sam whispered to Nana that he wanted to wear swim goggles when he get baptized. Maybe Pastor Jim can wear flippers!

And finally, a Bible illustration by Sam. He and Cora were in the backyard eating sunflower seeds (they eat the hull too, is that bad?). Sam asked if he could give some to the chickens, to which I said no. A few minutes later Sam came back, with a guilty look on his face. He said, "Mom, Cora told me to give the seeds to the chicken, and I did. Its just like Adam and Eve."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

He's a Dandy!

Yesterday Uncle David had to take a calf away from its inattentive mother so it can be bottle fed. He asked if the Ausbrooks crew would like to take care of it, and after half a second of thought we said yes! So the 3 week old bull calf is in one of the old barns, and he is so cute! I said, "He's a dandy." Sam said that Dandy should be his name, and it stuck.

Sam woke up early (which is rare) and wanted to go feed Dandy. I think Sam has been there 4 times today already. Cora loves him too, and Daisy swims in his water trough. Eli sits on the tractor that's also in the barn. Fun times:)

Right now Dandy has a sore leg, hopefully something that will heal on its own. He also has flies! Tomorrow we will get some fly spray and a brush for him.

We told the kids before we ever saw the calf that he would go to market to be made into beef when he gets big. This will no doubt be a lesson in God's plan for animals. It will also be a lesson in hard work, as I'm sure the kids won't always be so excited to get up early and go to the barn, especially on rainy days. And mommy is back to washing bottles again!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We stayed home alot and had family time. We also visited with friends and family. We worked in the garden, and fired up the grill a few times. We ate our first watermelon too!

It's hay season, and Eli acts as if he is watching a movie with all the tractors going by! My dad says the heat of summer is wrapped up in a haybale.

The Ausbrooks Boys

We went to two cemeteries on Monday. One is close to the farm, and we like to go to the service there even though we have no family there. The local VFW conducts a short flag raising ceremony, with taps and a gun salute to fallen soldiers. Sam and Cora were very interested, and Sam didn't ask to take any bones home:)

We went to the cemetery where my grandfather is buried. He was a WW2 veteran, and definitely part of the reason they are named the "Greatest Generation". He has been gone to heaven for 8 years now, and I still miss him every time we go to their house. He taught me how to garden, and we are passing it on. Pop was also quite a jokester, and he would have loved Sam. Some day, he will!

Also, at this cemetery is where we first saw the name Cora, and chose to name our daughter that. If Sam had been a girl, he would have been Cora first. And in case anyone wants to know, if Cora had been a boy her name would have been Isaac Gregory. Since we're on the subject, Eli's girl name would have been Eden.

Our mission this week: prepare for Vacation Bible School!