Friday, October 30, 2009

Me v. Them

This week has been a breakthrough for me. I realized that I have been starting every day on opposing teams as my kids, from the time I heard little feet coming down the fall. I felt like I had my agenda and their goal was to mess it up. We were fighting on the front lines everywhere...the bathroom, breakfast choices, clothes, toys. By noon I was defeated and resented the kids. I was NO fun, and they were suffering.

As soon as I really realized my bad attitude, I repented and prayed for the kids. Prayed specifically for each of them and my interactions with them. This is another area I was slacking. This week has been so much better. We actually haven't gotten a lot of school work done this week, for a variety of reasons. However, I think our hearts are in much better shape this week, and thats the most important thing.

Sam has recently been learning the fruits of the Spirit, which is great because I get to learn them too. I missed out on a lot of Bible learning growing up, so now I get to do it with him. We recite the fruits of the Spirit each day, and now when I say them I think of specific ways to show each fruit to my kids.

I am so glad God is forgiving and so are kids. My agenda has been changed to put them first, afterall they are my "job". And I love being home with them each day, even if we still have moments on opposing sides. I think all moms get in a rut now and then, right?

Sam is likely going to ride a horse for future 4-H next year at the fair. A neighbor that loves horses has offered to take him under her wing. He really enjoyed his first ride. He rode a pony named Nickelfritz. Although I must say Cora was the biggest fan and the pony liked her hair.

That brings me to another tale...Cora cut her own hair for the first time. Actually, she evened it up from the time dad cut gum out! Note: Its better to get gum out with butter.

I have lots of cute pictures of the kids, including Eli in a red cowboy hat (he wears it all over the house and brings us boots to put on his feet even though he can't walk in them) and going on his first hay ride. We also got shots playing in leaves, carving pumpkins, and riding horses. However, my computer takes 10 minutes to load one it'll have to wait!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My apologies... the chickens. As it turns out, Mr. Possum was the one who was breaking all those eggs. Josh saw him in the chicken house last Saturday night, Sam set the trap Sunday, and the following morning there he was. The bait? Egg of course. Now if only the fox in our neighborhood would stop eating the chickens, a much bigger problem. That fox had better watch his step...never know when a trap will be waiting for him.
BTW, possums always look cute in kids story books, but actually they are hideous. Cora just stared at it wide eyed as it hissed at us. I think it scared her because she wouldn't go in the chicken house for a few days.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Meat on the Table

Last weekend Josh shot a big doe with his bow and arrow here on the farm. He was only in the woods 30 minutes before this beauty came by! Sam wasn't home, but Cora couldn't wait to go see it, and Eli is always ready for a Gator ride in the woods. Cora said she was going to help daddy and get blood on her, but when she got up close to the deer she wasn't so sure.

I was not raised in a hunting family, probably because we had enough animals on the farm and didn't need to go looking for meat. Josh's family loves to hunt though, and it really is exciting when they all get together and plan for the season. I look forward to the kids learning this tradition as well as learning about forestry, wildlife, and conservation.

In other news...

  • We recently had a yard sale where I teared up to see my baby's clothes going out the door. I am happy to have empty totes and shelf space though.

  • At the homeschool group meeting last week, Sam had fun with his new friends while they learned about Indiana. And I REALLY enjoyed getting to know the other moms more.

  • Our chickens have a BAD habit of eating the eggs!!! Unless we pick them up early afternoon, they are gone.

  • We had a cook-out in honor of our niece, Braylynn, who was stillborn two years ago. This was her angelversary. It is amazing how her short life inside her mama changed our family. We value each other more, and cherish times spent together. We also know we have a very special little girl we don't get to meet until heaven. I took the kids to her grave where we talked about her, life, death, and heaven. I could see in Sam's eyes that heaven was becoming more real to him...another blessing from Braylynn.

  • We had a revival at church this weekend, and it was a blessings. I only got to hear one sermon (Eli is anti-nursery) and it was titled, "No mercy, No marriage". Sure got me to thinking, who better to minister to than my husband?

  • Speaking of the nursery, Eli does NOT like it. And I have to say that though I get tired of being in there, I really love all the little ones so its kinda fun. Also, a secret part of me LOVES that Eli wants us. He can be a demanding baby, but he's mine! Also, he has become quite the daddy's boy. Daddy is his favorite word and I hear it many times a day, especially if he sees anything belonging to Josh or a photo or if the kids say daddy or if the phone get the picture. As soon as Josh is home Eli is on him, and Josh loves it! What a difference a year can make. This time last year we were still on the waiting list.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Overheard by the cow pasture,

Cora to cow: Come here. It's okay, don't be afraid. I'm not a power ranger, I'm just a girl.

Overheard in the kitchen,

Sam to Cora: Hey, Cora, lets put towels in our undies and be sumo wrestlers.

(Note: There are no pictures of the sumo wrestlers because I'm too busy washing all my dish towels!)