Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yard Sale Treasure

Cora got a big girl bike at a yard sale yesterday...for $7!!!!!! She was so excited that she was almost glowing.

The kids found a few other "new" toys, and I got a much needed $5 bookshelf (that for some reason caused me to rearrange the whole living room even though the shelf went in the bedroom).

We had a fun time treasure hunting at yard sales, but they always remind me of how temporary our material things are. We saw tons of vases, jewelry, shoes, clothes, and much more that at one time people had to have. Now its a quarter at a yard sale. I'm even making a pile at our house right now for our approaching yard sale (and Sam is cleaning out some toys!).
Lord, help us remember those things in our lives with true, lasting value: You, our families, and our time. Amen

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